Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates, Containers, Bowls, Trays, Cup Holders - All Recycleable, Compostable Tableware.


Distribute PrimeWare

warehouseIf you’re an established distributor of disposable goods to the food service or hospitality industries, then you’re probably asked regularly about the availability of eco-friendly disposables. PrimeWare is the leading brand of  high quality, compostable tableware distributed internationally.

PrimeWare is committed to making distributors successful. We understand how to support your domestic or international distribution with high-quality products, attentive customer service, and a well managed supply chain.  Let us help you find new business and increase your sales!

  • Huge Product Availability
    We strategically store large quantities of our PrimeWare products in our six warehouses to be able to supply product quickly and efficiently.  From small orders to truckloads, our inventory is ready when you need it.
  • Low Minimum Orders
    We understand that managing inventories and warehouse space is important to the profitability of your business.  With PrimeWare, we keep the minimum order low so you can purchase the optimal quantity necessary to supply your customers.
  • Private Labeling, Rim Printing, and Embossing
    Build brand recognition and customer loyalty offering your own line of disposable plates and tableware.  PrimeWare makes it easy with custom printed packaging and embossing.   Learn more about private labeling.
  • Custom Products and Packaging Sizes to Meet Special Needs
    Have a need for products delivered in special pack sizes?  Need a custom product to fit a niche market?  PrimeWare will work with you in high volume applications to supply what you need to be successful in your market.  Contact us to discuss your application.
  • Product Barcodes
    All PrimeWare products are conveniently marked with standard barcodes for easy electronic identification and inventory control.

“Eco Friendly” Disposables Complement Your Product Offering
The demand for environmentally friendly disposable products is growing rapidly.   As it does, it will displace traditional food service packaging.  Establishing your distribution relationship with PrimeWare allows you to take part in this expanding market – offering high quality, eco-friendly disposable products from the innovative leader.

Contact Us to learn more about becoming a PrimeWare distributor.