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About Us

PrimeLink Solutions, Inc. – Manufacturer of PrimeWare

PrimeLink Burlingame Headquarters

Mission Statement

PrimeWare’s mission is to be the premier global supplier of certified compostable food service disposable products made from sustainable raw materials.

Vision Statement

PrimeWare provides distributors with certified compostable products that offer superior value, and our amazing customer service is second to none. We offer the largest selection and available inventory that any distributor would need for their customers.  All of our products are readily available through our extensive network of strategically located warehouses.  This allows distributors to enjoy the benefit of shorter lead times, faster inventory turns and better cash flow, making their business more profitable.  When our customers are more profitable, both of our businesses will thrive.  PrimeWare also helps distributors with orders for container loads of assorted compostable products, affording them the opportunity to focus on their sales and marketing efforts, rather than dealing with the inevitable difficulties that go along with manufacturing and importing product themselves.

Company Background

Over the past decade, the world community has grown increasingly concerned about the impact that packaging products made from non-renewable sources are having on the global environment.  Paper products are causing the depletion of our forests and non-compostable petroleum based products such as Styrofoam are polluting our parks, waterways, cities, and landfills.

In the summer of 2003, three socially responsible leaders in the food packaging industry joined together to explore alternatives to environmentally harmful products.  Applying nearly 75 years of combined experience, they developed a company that designs and manufactures compostable food service products.  PrimeWare’s first products arrived in the U.S. in mid-2004 as consumer awareness of compostable packaging alternatives was just beginning to surface.

Over time, the use of Styrofoam containers became less acceptable.  PrimeWare expanded it’s product offering by introducing a line of hinged lid containers (aka “clamshells”) to replace the billions of foam containers being used.  PrimeWare now offers one of the largest selections of compostable hinged lid containers on the market.

In June of 2007, in an effort to reduce the pollution and waste from traditional disposables manufacturing, San Francisco became the first major city to place a ban on Styrofoam packaging.  This was the beginning of huge growth for PrimeWare’s business. Now you’ll find that cities across the country (and around the world!) have joined the effort to improve the environment through similar bans on non-compostable packaging.

PrimeWare continues to lead the way in the research and manufacturing of “Green” compostable tableware made from sustainable resources.  Products are delivered throughout the world employing a large international distribution network.

Founders & Management

PrimeWare is owned and managed by its founders.  The management team has expanded to keep up with our growth, and collectively bring over 75 years of experience in sales and marketing, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, consumer products, finance, and the commercial food service business.  Bringing together a group of talented people with very different backgrounds and expertise has helped make PrimeWare into one of the leading “Green” tableware companies.

Some of the diverse experiences that the PrimeWare management team brings to the company include:

  • A degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Foodservice Sales and Distribution
  • In-Plant Feeding
  • Fine Dining Restaurants
  • Ownership of a major food service distribution company
  • Redistribution of foodservice and janitorial supplies
  • Ownership of an international trading company
  • Senior management of two major consumer product goods companies
  • Senior management at a major financial services company

The founders have watched the company and the industry grow rapidly. Throughout the last several years, the number of people looking for compostable products has increased dramatically. PrimeWare is proud to be a part of this fast growing movement.