Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates, Containers, Bowls, Trays, Cup Holders - All Recycleable, Compostable Tableware.


The PrimeWare Solution

giant_combo_isolatedPrimeWare is the right solution when it comes to disposable tableware. As functional as paper or Styrofoam but eco-friendly and guilt free!

  • High Quality
  • Convenient
  • Variety of Shapes and Sizes
  • Freezer to Microwave Safe
  • Fully Compostable

PrimeWare’s broad line of compostable plates, platters, bowls, trays, and hinged lid containers are manufactured from molded sugarcane fiber. The fiber is a by-product after the juice has been extracted from the sugarcane. Rather than going to portion_cup_familywaste, PrimeWare processes the fiber and molds it into durable, quality tableware. PrimeWare hot cups and food containers are made from sustainable paperboard. We also offer CPLA lids by IngeoTM that together offer a compostable, renewable option for your single use needs.

PrimeWare remains committed to delivering innovative eco-friendly products to the food service industry through ongoing research. PrimeWare products are manufactured to meet strict quality demands and under numerous industry standards.

PrimeWare fiber products are never coated with waxes or plastic yet is grease resistant and soak proof.  Perfect for quick serve restaurants, concession, caterers, hospitality, and more.  You can even freeze and microwave PrimeWare!

If you are looking for a socially responsible line of disposables – take a look at PrimeWare.  No plastic, no Styrofoam, just renewable and sustainable resources.