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Plant Starch Cutlery

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Plant Starch Cutlery

Product Details

PrimeWare Plant Starch Cutlery:
Fork, Knife, Spoon and Soup Spoon

PrimeWare cutlery is made with PSM (Plant Starch Material) resin. The two major components used to produce PSM cutlery are corn starch and potato starch. PrimeWare’s cutlery is water-proof, oil-proof, and great for all hot and cold food applications. Now available in black!

PrimeWare’s PSM cutlery is not compostable or biodegradeable.

PrimeWare PSM cutlery consists of 80% PSM and 20% Polypropylene.


MaterialPlant Starch
ColorNatural and Black
Food HandlingCold or Hot Foods
Ecological Made From Renewable Resources
Produced From Corn and Potato Starch
Certifications FDA Approved For Food Contact


 DescriptionItem NumberPack Size
eco-friendly knife7" Knife-PSM
eco-friendly fork7" Fork-PSM
eco-friendly 7" Spoon-PSMPWS-720/50
eco-friendly soup spoon7" Soup Spoon-PSMPWSS-720/50
eco-friendly black knife7" Black Knife-PSM
eco-friendly black fork7" Black Fork-PSM
eco-friendly black spoon7" Black Spoon-PSMBPWS-720/50
eco-friendly black soup spoon7" Black Soup Spoon-PSMBPWSS-720/50